One cool fall crisp day we were sitting outside at our favorite coffee shop downtown historical Franklin, TN while sipping our lattes, talking about life and how powerful the mind is. We looked over and saw someone wearing a bracelet and thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool to have a bracelet that constantly reminds and helps reprogram the subconscious mind?’  That started it. The journey and research of “I AM GENERATION CO.”  We know the power of your thoughts and that your life is what you think about.  We know, first hand, how often negative thoughts pop into your head and the constant subliminal messages we get from t.v., ads, newspapers, magazines etc. that drag us down. So we wanted to create something positive to help turn your life towards the direction it should be going.

We are also very passionate about giving back to those who are less fortunate than us. It’s been in our hearts from the first years of dating each other to start a healing center of some kind. David got to go on a trip to Africa a few years ago and unfortunately saw all the 100’s of thousands of children running the streets with no food, water, shelter or parents. They would knock on their window of the car to beg for food even if it was the chewed gum in their mouths. We are partnering with friends there who already have land and want to build orphanages with us to rescue the children from eventual death! For every bracelet you buy, you not only get a positive reminder for yourself, or get impact someone’s else’s life as a gift, but you’ll be helping us build a rescue mission for the lives of the orphaned children in Kinshasa Africa.

Thanks for checking us out, were excited to help and partner with you to make this world the beautiful place it should be!

Now go and live your best life now!

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We are David and Holly Gunther. We have 4 wonderful very busy children which gives us even more reason to pursue a life lived on purpose.  We are passionate about helping people reprogram their mind to live to their fullest potential. We know a bracelet might not be a magic wand and fix all your problems, but when you see it everyday as a reminder of who you really are, it will motivate you to be the best person you were created to be! Thanks for helping us change the world one bracelet at a time.

Right now you can preorder on IG & Facebook. We are accepting Venmo as a payment option. More websites, payment options and bracelets to come! Keep checking back.


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